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In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Netsole is the primary distributor of network cable goods. Our sales team can offer creative suggestions for network cable systems. In the Dubai market, Netsole offers Quick Delivery and Affordable Price. We have the most network cable in stock. Metal Systems Bulk Copper Cable, Finer Optic Cables, Cat6 Cable, Cat6a Cable, Cat7 Cable, Copper Outdoor Cable, UTP Cable, FTP Cable, SFTP Cable, Single Mode Fibre Optic Cable, and Multimode Fibre Optic Cable are among the products offered.

The several wiring configurations for networking cables:

  • CAT1, a type of telephone cable. CAT2 is widely used for token ring networks and can support rates of up to 4 Mbps.

  • Token Ring networks utilise CAT3 and CAT4 for faster network speeds.

  • 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps speeds are supported by CAT6 for lengths up to 100 metres and 55 metres, respectively. Organisations utilising CAT6 cabling should utilise a specialised cable analyzer to request a thorough test report to confirm that the installation follows the CAT6 guidelines and regulations.

  • The CAT5e designs, which have an improved crosstalk specification and can sustain rates of up to 1 Gbps, have superseded CAT5 cable. It is the network cabling specification that is most often utilised.

  • A modern copper cable pattern called CAT7 can sustain 10Gbps speeds and lengths of up to 100 metres.

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