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MPO & MTP Patch Cords

MPO & MTP Patch Cords are sold primarily by Netsole in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Best Solutions for MPO & MTP Patch Cord Systems can be offered by our Sales Team. A multi-fiber patch cord with a fibre count of 4, 6, 8, 12, 24, and 48 is called an MPO/MTP patch cord. Precision moulded MT ferrules, metal guide pins, and exact housings are used in MPO/MTP patch cables to ensure fibre alignment during mating. Push-pull latching MPO/MTP connection assembled to ribbon or bare ribbon connectors. provides 40G QSFP+ compatible MPO/MTP Trunk Cable, PO/MTP Bunch Cable, MPO/MTP Fanout Cable, MPO/MTP Cassette Module, MPO Splitter Module, and other cables.

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