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Fiber optic patch panels

The fibre optic patch panel that Netsole IT provides complies with Etisalat / Du requirements and has their approval. We have a 1U sliding patch panel that can accommodate a duplex or simplex adaptor. 24 ports are included on the 1U rack mount patch panel, both loaded and empty. We also maintain a variety of ports on hand for wall-mount fibre patch panels and fibre distribution boxes. Since we stock manufacturers like Opterna, ExTell, Techlogiks, Belden, Corning, Panduit, Dconnect, etc., Ultra Stream Technologies is one of the major Fibre optic patch panel wholesalers in the UAE for fibre termination applications. We maintain entire inventories of fibre optic accessories such splice trays, splice protectors, fibre management kits, and 48-port fibre patch panels.

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