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Copper Patch Cord

The best supplier and retailer of COPPER PATCH CORD goods in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is Netsole IT Solutions. Extell, Techlogiks, Belden, Opterna, Norden, Datacom, Panduit, Kuwes, D-link, Commscope, Molex, Corning, and other well-known brands are among the many that we work with. Our inventory of copper patch cords, including cat6 patch cord, cat6a patch cord, and cat7 patch cord, is the largest. For signal routing, a patch cable joins two electrical or optical equipment. To "patch" a signal from one hub, switch, or router to another hub, switch, or router is typically done for network purposes.

Although the cat6 ethernet cable is backward compatible with the cat5, it has a larger bandwidth and can transport data at a faster rate. Copper Patch Cords extend the highest performance and structural integrity, preserving the channel's transmission quality. Copper Patch Cords come in modular, small-diameter, and traceable options and offer superior return loss in any setting.

Features & Advantages 

  • Patch cords meet and exceed specifications and have a guaranteed usable bandwidth. 

  • High Reliability: Optimal performance is ensured by bonded-pair technology, which also protects against installation damage and wear and strain. 

  • Footprint That Saves Space Our patch cords are modest in diameter, ensuring adequate airflow, easy maintenance, and compatibility with high-density hubs.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you're searching for branded, premium Copper Patch Cords. Our group is prepared to meet your demands.Our top objective is to offer our customers the products at the most competitive price without sacrificing the quality. We always promise quick product delivery throughout the UAE. The solutions we offer to our clients attest to our experience. We offer all available product technical details. We can offer cost-effective options for many different brands.

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