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Cat6 Outdoor Cable

To system integrators and resellers all around the GCC, Netsole IT Solutions offers a broad selection of CABLES. We offer many networking cable kinds, such as Cat6 outdoor cable, CAT6, CAT6A, and CAT7, as well as PVC cable, LSZH cables, FTP cables, STP cables, and SFTP cables, among others. We also carry Belden and Paige brand audio, communication, speaker, and other cable products. We offer network cables that are Etisalat & Du certified, UV listed, and TRA approved in both premium and budget-friendly brands.

The best Cat6 outdoor cable supplier in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is Netsole IT Solutions. Branded cat6 outdoor Cables are what we offer. We work with well-known companies like Molex, Opterna, Extell, and others. Cat6 outdoor cable with shielding is specifically made for usage in outdoor applications. It's perfect for outdoor/underground installations due to its tough structure. The LLDPE jacket on Cat6 shielded cable makes it waterproof, UV resistant, and rat and animal resistant, allowing it to be buried underground. Even in severe conditions, the cable's jacket is superior to typical PVC and will last for many years. This cable is perfect for outdoor/underground installations because to its durable design.

High Quality Pure Copper Networking Cables are what ExTell's CAT6A cables are made of. The CAT6A U/UTP Outdoor Cable is made up of four pairs of unshielded cables that are connected by a PE jacket and a high density PE insulation spine. ExTell CAT6A U/UTP Outdoor Cables, which are intended for outdoor applications, deliver faultless Ethernet connectivity while continually meeting the needs of VoIP, security cameras, voice, video conferencing, etc. Of Belden, Panduit, 3M, CommScope, SYSTIMAX, D-Link, Schneider, R&M, Molex, Legrand Nexans, Leviton, Siemon, etc., Ultra-Stream Technologies has the largest inventory. The solutions we provide to our clients verify our team. To become the finest Cat6 outdoor Cable Suppliers in Dubai, UAE, we acquire industry best practises.

We offer our customers the greatest products. We guarantee you the best customer service and the quickest delivery time possible.

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