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For the most bandwidth-intensive applications, Belden offers a wide selection of Category 7 cables. The demand for high-performance networking is growing, and these ultra-reliable connections fulfil that demand.

The award-winning digital precision video coax, 1694A, which is still used as the global broadcast cable standard today, was first introduced by Belden in 1995.  Belden has upgraded many of those cables to 6 GHz and released a whole range of 4K UHD Coax Cables for 12G-SDI in response to the expansion of technology to even higher resolutions, which demand more bandwidth.  Belden 75 Ohm Video Coax Cables, with frequencies from 12 GHz to 3 GHz, guarantee consistent signal integrity and superior performance. No other cable manufacturer has made the same investment in this technology as Belden has, so Belden is the only one who can guarantee beyond-high-definition performance.

Features & Benefits

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