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One of the more valuable suppliers of Molex Copper and fibre connectivity components is Ultra Stream Technologies. We offer Molex copper UTP, STP, SFTP, FTP, FUTP products like Cat6 Cable, Cat6A Cable, Faceplate, Keystone, Patch Panel, Patch Cords, and Fibre products like Singlemode OS1, OS2, Multimode OM1, OM2, OM3, and OM4 indoor outdoor Cables, Rack mount Fibre Patch Panels, Wall mount Fibre Patch Panels, Connectors, Pigtails, Fibre Patch Cords, and Enclosure complete range at competitive prices. Additionally, we offer Micro ODF with all accessories, Tight Buffered Fibre Cables, and Indoor Outdoor Drop Cables from Etisalat.

We are Providing 25 years project warranty for End-to-End Solution.

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