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Grandstream's top supplier in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is Netsole. In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we are the top Grandstream Telephone System dealer. A type of private telephone network that is heavily used within an organisation or business is the IP PBX telephone system. It keeps costs down by eliminating the requirement for direct wires to each individual terminal. In any industry, IP PBX telephone system is a must.

Grandstream IP phones are primarily distributed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, by Netsole. We provide the Market's Best Price. Our knowledgeable sales team will give you appropriate information regarding Grandstream IP Phones and Accessories. We offer an accommodating RMA Policy. The best Grandstream IP phone stockist is Netsole.

Grandstream VoIP Phones offer superb sound quality with an outstanding level of functionality and compatibility. All Grandstream IP Phones are compatible with SIP protocol and work with the majority of VoIP PBX systems. Grandstream IP Phones are cost efficient and designed for primary phone users all the way up to enterprise users and managers. Grandstream SIP Phones offer greater functionality including easy call handling features and quality. The ergonomic design of Grandstream VoIP Phones won world-class awards and designed for user friendliness.

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