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Since the beginning of our business, Netsole has been supplying Eaton UPS in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since UPS System has been working with Eaton UPS for so long, it has a special understanding of their goods. We are an independent supplier of Eaton UPS systems, tEaton UPS are made for a variety of applications and come in a variety of support loads and runtimes to suit any need. Power outages are a problem for any organisation, regardless of size, and are gradually becoming more of a problem for end users as well. If you get in touch with us, we can help you discover the ideal Eaton UPS for your needs.

thus we are aware of their benefits and applications.

Eaton UPS

  • Eaton 5E650iusb - 650VA
    Eaton 5e1100iusb - 1100VA
    Eaton 5e1500iusb - 1500VA
    Eaton 5e2000iusb - 2KVA
    Eaton 5px2200i - 2KVA
    Eaton 5px3000ir - 3KVA

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