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The best Supplier and Dealer of DME PROLINK products in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is Netsole. We have the widest selection of DME PROLINK products available. Our top objective is to offer our customers the products at the most competitive price without sacrificing the quality. We always promise quick product delivery throughout the UAE. The solutions we offer to our clients attest to our experience. We offer all available product technical details. We can offer cost-effective solutions for many different brands.

The datacom division of Canada's best-managed ISO 9001:2015 company ECS Global Wire and Cable, DME Prolink provides a full range of reliable structured cabling systems, including copper cables and accessories, racks and enclosures, fiber-optic products, and data centre solutions. The full range of datacom wire and cable solutions, as well as supplementary equipment, are all housed under the DME Prolink brand for the optimum connectivity. DME Prolink provides a wide range of Datacom and ELV Transmission Solutions for unmatched connectivity that may be used in a variety of verticals according to regional customs.

DME Prolink is committed to using our approach to create solutions that outperform and outlast others under the most trying circumstances. Their products are ideally suited for challenging marine, oil, gas, and petrochemical projects instead of typical commercial, residential, hospitality, healthcare, finance, education, and mall projects.  Being a leading provider of solutions for the best, most cutting-edge, and most innovative data communication technologies and solutions is how they distinguish themselves as a manufacturer. International Quality Standard - DME Prolink products are subjected to stringent quality control procedures, surpass the performance requirements outlined in the international standards ISO/IEC, ANSI/TIA, CENELEC, and are listed, certified, and verified by 3rd Party testing labs such as Delta, UL, Intertek, Exova, Wimpey Labs, and Interscience Communication on Component and Channel Level for Performance and its Safety.

If you are looking for DME PROLINK Products feel free to contact us. Our team is ready to fulfill your needs.

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